Nigel Slater Tender / Volume 1

Things often come in pairs and more, life is that generous.  Last year after a 6 year wait, I finally got offered an allotment and at the same time my friend Sally from Books for Cooks recommended Nigel Slater’s new book called Tender Volume 1.  I looked at it and longed for it but did not buy it, later that week my friend gave me a book voucher and of course I went and bought it.

As it tends to happen when you live from cooking for others and from teaching others to cook, whilst trying to master subjects on Food Anthropology, I had no time to do anything with this book, the winter set in and I forgot about it.

The other week I saw it gathering dust, I took it off the shelf and fell in love with it, it sprang to life at just the right time.   What can I say about Mr. Slater’s prose, it is just as delicious as his recipes and that combined with the gardening topics for the various fruits and vegetables, make this book a must for anyone who wants to eat his or her own produce.  The chapters are divided by vegetable and they have some information on how to grow, varieties, a gardener’s diary and of course recipes.

You can feel the physical effort that Nigel Slater has invested in his garden and the joy he gets from it, as well as from his cooking.  The recipes are simple and they pay homage to the vegetable, inviting us to value our food, from the effort it takes to grow, to the pleasure it gives to eat.  Simple recipes for simple food that has been tendered with love.  Life is generous!