Half marathon on behalf of Second Sight

I need your money and with that to help restore the sight of millions of people in rural India.

Last October my husband Oliver finally got a place to run the London marathon and in solidarity I started training again, this time the training happened with my friend Paula who had done very little running in the past.  We did a programme that begins with one minute jog and it stretches to complete a whole marathon.  I had decided to train with Paula and hopefully get her to like jogging, and also I wanted to do all the training with Oliver as well.

What began as a solidarity campaign, has become a challenge that I feel I need to complete on behalf of Paula and Oliver!  At this point Paula is unsure she can join due to personal issues and Oliver is not able to compete for health reasons.

This means that I am training more or less alone and this is quite challenging…, now the running has more meaning, I am doing this to get funds to help second sight

To run 13 miles is nothing compared to the daily challenges that blind people have to endure to live a normal life.  There are millions of people in rural India who are blind due to cataracts, they don’t need to be and they won’t be if you help to sponsor Second Sight, you can do this by sponsoring my run, by buying this book or from your own initiative.

Twenty pounds is enough to buy a round of drinks at a pub, a meal at a mediocre restaurant or to restore somebody’s sight in India.   If you want even more for your money you can give twenty pounds and get this very inspiring book that tells you the story of this interesting charity.  ALL the money raised goes towards restoring people’s sight.

So come on! Like Bob Geldof once said GIVE US YOUR MONEY and restore the life of somebody by giving back their sight.   To make it extra easy, click here and donate.


Thank you.

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