Calendar of Cookery Classes January – May 2011

Calendar of Cookery Classes:

At Books for Cooks

Fresh, Fabulous & Fuss-Free Vegetarian

Saturday 29th January  11am  £40

Ditch the winter stodge with this collection of sophisticated seasonal vegetarian recipes from Sofia Craxton and a class that makes all diners welcome with sumptuous and satisfying dishes for vegetarians, meat lovers and everyone in between.

Slow Cooking

Thursday 17th February  11am  £40

Slow cooking makes a nice change from the frantic pace of everyday life. It can be done pleasurably, at leisure, well in advance. Slow-cooking gives great depth of flavour and transforms everyday, cheap cuts in truly exceptional dishes for friends and family.

Cook Now, Dine Later

Saturday 19th March 11 am  £40

Cookbook author Sofia Craxton presents an essential class that places speed and ease at a premium with a smart, stylish menu that can be prepared ahead of time so you can relax and enjoy the dinner party!

Vegetarian Mexican Street Food

Saturday  2nd April  11am   £40

Mexico simmers with intriguing dishes and nowhere is its rich storehouse of flavours more evident than in the colourful open air mercados. These little meat-free dishes of Mexico are fabulous served as appetizers or in combination to make a meal. Broaden your culinary horizons ad bring an authentic taste of Mexico to your table with Sofia Craxton.

At Divertimenti

Tex Mex – Hands On Masterclass

Tuesday 25th January   18.30 pm.  Brompton.  £105   SOLD OUT

Join Mexican chef Sofia Larrinua-Craxton for an authentic Tex-Mex masterclass. Learn how to make real Chilli, Slow Cooked Lamb Barbacoa, Corn and Flour Tortillas for Quesadillas, Tex-Mex Sopapillas, and Grilled Salsa. So don your sombrero, park the mule outside and stroll into this class with a swagger worthy of John Wayne.

Lebaneasy – Hands On Masterclass

Tuesday 8th February 11 am.   Marylebone.   £105
With its easy to make zingy salads, grilled meats and preserved lemons, Lebanese food is quickly becoming one of the nation’s favourite cuisines. Join Sofia Larrinua-Craxton and learn how to prepare a selection of authentic Lebanese dishes, including cheese based Labneh and Shanklish and street foods like Shawarma. You’ll also learn how to make Syrian bread and some of the most popular mezze salads such as Fatoush and Tabboule

World Street Food – Hands On Masterclass

Tuesday 29 Mar 18.30 pm.  Marylebone £105

The rise in popularity of global street food is at the forefront of modern dining trends. Affordable and authentic, street food provides an insight into a country’s culinary influences and is enjoyed by all sections of the population. Join Sofia Larrinua-Craxton and learn how to prepare an international selection of dishes including Vietnamese Pho and Summer Rolls, Turkish Lahmacun and Ezme Salad, irresistible Indonesian Nasi Goreng, Malaysian Laksa, and Mexican Corn Cake.

Tapas – Hands On Masterclass

Tuesday 12 Apr 18:30 pm.  Brompton £105

Whether eaten as a bar snack or as a main meal, Tapas is a Spanish culinary tradition that the UK has really taken to. Join Sofia Larrinua-Craxton for a Tapas hands on masterclass and learn how to create a delicious selection of sharing plates including Txangurro (Crab from San Sebastian) Galician Empanada & Tapas de Tierra (such as Albondigas or Meatballs),and Rare Sirloin Steak with Duck Pâté and White Grape Sauce.

At Cookery School

Mexican Masterclass

Saturday 15 January 10am £130.                            SOLD OUT

Learn how to make spicy and delicious Mexican street food with the wonderful Sofia Craxton. Sofia will show you how to make salsas and marinades, tamales, tortillas, quesadillas and sopes – fabulous foods that is sold on Mexican streets and in local markets. The day will include grilled fish in Yucatan style recado served with habanero relish; Morelia grilled chicken in guajillo adobo served with sauteed country potatoes; corn tortillas; tamales; quesadillas; steak and flame grilled pepper tacos with chargrilled salsa; Shepherd style tacos served with drunken salsa and a spicy prawn broth. You will be welcome with a Cookery School breakfast on arrival. Organic red and white wines will be served with the meal.

Mexican Street Food
Monday 21st March 6.30 am £ 90

The day will include grilled Morelia grilled chicken in guajillo adobo served with sauteed country potatoes; corn tortillas and steak and flame grilled pepper tacos with chargrilled salsa; Shepherd style tacos served with drunken salsa a spicy prawn broth and wild mushroom tamales.


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    • Hi thanks for your comment, I have Mexican cookery classes coming all the time, maybe if you want to subscribe to my blog, then you will get a reminder of when the next schedule comes. Word of warning, if you subscribe you will get a message each time I post something on my blog… and that might mean once a week.

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