Stop cow factory farms!

Big companies are planning to build huge ‘mega-dairies’ in Lincolnshire. These huge, US-style factory farms keep cows inside all year. The cows aren’t even fed on grass.

The local council will soon be voting on the cow factory farm plans. The deadline for the petition is the 11th January – on that day we need to present the council with a sky-high pile of signatures!

It would be a disaster to let these US-style factory farms come to the UK. These plans are bad for cows, bad for climate change, and bad for local farmers. There would be an increased risk of disease spreading, and the huge amount of waste that the cows produce can create real problems for the farm’s neighbours. And smaller, traditional dairy farmers could be put out of business.

If enough of us come together and sign the petition, we can push the local councils to kick out these plans. That would stop this particular plan in its tracks, and would help stop these kind of cow factory farms spreading across the UK.

Please sign the petition now, then ask your friends to get involved too:

click here or go to :


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