Perennial food growing

Month Sow indoors Sow outdoors When to harvest Jobs to do
Once in a lifetime or every few years
Asparagus – A healthy plant will yield for up to 20 years! Can be grown from seed but it is easier to begin with a ‘crown’ From crowns. Anytime from October to January Two years from first planting.  When the plant is ready, harvest in spring Prepare a raised bed on sandy soil and weed free, place the crowns with a lot of space between them about 45 cm is good enough, the crowns need to be planted in a trench with mulch and to add soil as they grow during their first winter.
Strawberries – A healthy plant will yeald for up to five years From plants, anytime from June – September As soon as they turn red They like a well drained soil with some compost.  Place straw underneath each plant to protect the fruit. Allow runners to set and cut them from their parents in August
Rhubarb – A healthy plant that is divided every 5 years will continue yielding for as long as you keep dividing Can be grown from seed but it is easier to begin with a ‘crown’ Late autumn or early winter Allow one season without harvesting, a good frost will benefit the stems May to August, only take the stongest stems two or three the first year and then increase as the plant becomes stronger.  Divide every five years. Give plenty of growing space.
Wild rocket – This little one was once seen as a weed, so it will keep on growing year after year






Very easy to grow from seed from March –






Begin with a subdivision that is planted on mulched and well drained soil in autumn and cover with fleece on cold climates

April – November, keep cutting the leaves only, as you need them.





April – late June.

Just sprinkle the seeds on a row over any kind of soil.  In late autumn, cover the patch with some fleece and wait for next spring for more delicious salad!


Prepare the soil by feeding well each year, artichokes like a nourished soil and cover in winter


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