Autumn schedule of cookery classes

This is the autumn schedule of cookery classes.  If you want a private class send me an e-mail.  Otherwise contact the schools below.

Books for Cooks. 4 Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill, London, W11 1NN
Tel 020-7221-1992

Thursday 21st October 11am
Seasonal Suppers Middle Eastern-Style
Inspired by a seductive mix of Moroccan, Turkish and Persian flavours, delivers fresh yet fragrant, simple yet sensuous solutions to the what’s-for-dinner dilemma with a range of easy-to-prepare recipes perfectly adapted to modern timing and tastes.

Saturday 20th November, 11am
Flavours of Mexico

Bursting with complex bold flavours – rich, colourful and yes, sometimes hot and spicy – the best Mexican food is rarely found in restaurants. Sofia Craxton reveals the unique blend of Aztec, Mayan, Spanish and Arab culinary cultures at the heart of this exciting cuisine.

Divertimenti Marylebone. 33/34 Marylebone High Street
London, W1U 4PT
020 7935 0689

Saturday 23rd October, 11:00-14:30

Tacos to Taqueria – Hands On Masterclass. Mexico’s favourite fast food, Tacos, have grown in popularity and sophistication. No longer the reserve of the humble street vendor, Tacos have made it into specialist cafes known as Taqueria. Join Mexican native, Sofia Larrinua-Craxton for a Taco hands on masterclass and learn how to make your own corn and wheat tortillas (Taco Wraps), al Pastor (Pork Marinated and Chargrilled with Pineapple) and Steak Tacos and Alambre (Grilled Meat with Peppers and Cheese, Bacon and Chorizo). You’ll also make Tomatillo Salsa, Drunken Salsa, and the Mexican condiment, Pico de Gallo.

Divertimenti Brompton Road. 227-229 Brompton Road
London, SW3 2EP
020 7581 8065

Thursday 4th November, 18:30-21:30

A Tequila Homecoming – Jalisco Cuisine Hands On Masterclass. The Mexican state of Jalisco is the centre of the Tequila industry and home to some of the country’s most unique and flavoursome dishes. Join Mexican chef Sofia Larrinua-Craxton for a hands on masterclass and learn how to prepare some of these regional specialities including Birria (Slow-cooked Lamb in Spices), Camarones (King Prawns) al Tequila, Pipian (Chicken with a Pumpkin Seed Sauce, Carne Adobada (Marinated Meat in a chilli rub) all washed down with a tasting of the Blue Agave (Tequila).

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About Sofia Larrinua-Craxton

I have a BSc in Food Science, a BA in Humanities and Hispanic Studies and have finished an MA in Anthropology of food, I cook and like growing my own food. I live of my cooking and of teaching how to cook. I am interested on food issues like food poverty, sustainability and the relationship between humans and how we produce and eat our food.

2 thoughts on “Autumn schedule of cookery classes

  1. Sofia,

    Que padre blog acabo de descubrirte, porque estaba buscando algo que cocinar para el 16 de septiembre, bien mexicano, pero tengo problemas encontrando cosas que no sean texmex, mi problema es que vivo en Manchester y pues es mas dificil encontrar cosas aqui. Estoy buscando algunos lugares y espero encontrar masa para tortillas pronto, porque comprarla por internet es carisimo.
    Pero bueno mucho choro y solo queria felicitarte por lo padre que esta este blog y me cae que yo si iba a tus clases, pero estas muy lejos!


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